Monday, August 1

Two For Two

A new week and another stop and search. This one was much less formal than the first, the paperwork taking longer to complete than the search itself. The BTP this morning were especially pleasant asking me what I was reading and what I had in my lunch sandwiches (of course I couldn't tell them since I didn't actually know myself and I didn't correct one when he asserted that it was my wife that had packed it).

The point is that they were making a very appreciable effort and portraying a "we don't want to do this but we have to" attitude. Works for me; I even got a badge number this time.


  1. Glad to hear they didnt shoot you for 'misinformation'! I dont mean it flippantly... im genuinely wary of going to London atm, lifes too short as it is

  2. Just say you was carrying a small amount of ganja, and they found it, would they nick ya? Cos, like, if they are searching you under the terrorism act, can they only do you if they find terrorstic things?