Sunday, August 21

Boardgame Mania

Another birthday last night and this time we decided to go all out and overboard with the party/boardgames. It's a testament to our disorganisation that it takes us two hours to play one round of anything, but we got through most of it by the end.

We opened with Scene-It, a DVD board game. This was pretty different in that it involves film clips and questions that you play via a DVD player, and pretty hard in that a lot of us didn't have a clue about any film that wasn't a) new and b) pop. Still, it was pretty fun and hectic (and at times, violent) and a good start to the evening's antics. My team lost quite badly, but only 'cos we didn't have the eldest member on our team (honest!).

After a cake break, we brought out Singstar. I'm ace at this, even if I do say so myself. Once again people brought it, and once again I shot them down.

It was already getting pretty late (it's a curse with us lot) by the time we got around to Cranium. This game offers a bunch of challenges for the teams to do and would probably be the game which offered the most variety. Oh, and our team won.

Alas we didn't get time to play Taboo. It was already way past my bedtime when we had completed Cranium so something had to give. Still, I think boardgames are quickly becoming our thing... Although having said that a few of need to work on our tempers I think. Ahem.