Wednesday, August 17

Book: Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee, Meera Syal

Back to fiction and I thought I'd start with a book that was adapted for television a while ago. With a bad start and even worse ending, the book is saved by the fantastic 90% in the middle.

Syal uses third and first person to tell the story, the later rotating between the three main female characters. This ever changing of perspectives is a good thing and helps bring balance to the book - my fears of this being another girl power manual (see: Gurinder Chanda) were allayed pretty early on.

Ultimately though, and despite what I said up there, this is a book that focuses on the female view of life rather than male. This isn't a bad thing in itself of course (although I'll stop short of calling this a "chick flick" book), but I'd be interested to read something of the same but from a guy's position instead. Recommendations welcome.