Wednesday, January 17

'Why does everyone hate me?' Click for more info

Germaine Greer and Hari Kunzru hit the nail right on the head in this article in today's Guardian. For all the abuse Shilpa is getting in the BB house, she isn't half having fun fanning those flames. She knows exactly how to rub people (who, admittedly, may have disliked her anyway) the wrong way, and almost seems to enjoy doing so - she's an expert at placing a naive giggle or forlorn tear in exactly the right place. This doesn't make her bad or manipulative, oh no, just very very clever.

Out of all the housemates, she's the one who will come out the best (indeed, she could be the only one that comes out better at all). She won't be scarred for life; I'm sure she's had worse done to her in Mumbai. The curse of BB seems to be squarely aimed at the others here, especially as the targets of media scorn.

To be honest, I'm impressed. She's doing Asians proud, if only for showing the world just how aware of our surroundings we can be. Well done to her.

Grats to Fuad for the pointer.


  1. earlier I would have just put all this down to girly bitchiness and ignorance but after watching more of this show i'm starting to think it's slightly more.

    Some of the contestants refuse to identify Shilpa by her name, they are generalising about Indians as a whole on the based on what's going on in the house with Shilpa, and come on telling her to "f*****g go back home" or "go back to the slums" is nothing if not racist.

    I'm not saying that these contestants are actually racist but the way they there feelings towards Shilpa is coming across especially verbally is most certainly racist.

    I guess Jade and co must thing the clash is about status and class rather then race.

  2. shilpa rocks!!!