Thursday, January 25

Movies, Games and Videos (and Restaurants)

Yes, I know: this place has been a bit review heavy recently. For this I can only apologise, if only to the two people who actually took the time to complain.

A mix of work being busy, a lack of free time otherwise and, ironically, lots to write about have kind of stalled my opinion. What little time I get to write, I use to drafts the things buzzing in my head before I manage to forget them. Reviews and the like are more urgent and also easier to churn out.

Anyway, lame circular excuses aside, the good news is that there is quite a bit waiting to be published - I just need to find the time to polish them off. Perhaps that sucks, but then at least you're not doing the writing, eh?


  1. it's like waiting for the next magazine article to be published!

  2. i bought a digital voice recorder recently, with USB connection into PC. Its a great way to record thoughts efficiently as observed, and have more time for writing. £60 for a good Olympus one.