Tuesday, January 2

Back To Life, Back To Reality

It seems like an age ago that I last went to work. In reality, it's only been around ten days (including the weekends). But Christmas weekend, Eid and New Year's all made it seem much longer - and much in the way planets align so rarely I have a feeling that I'm not going to have another week as unique as this one any time soon. Work colleagues have been asking how my break was; I've told them that it may have been a bit too good.

Still, I thought that coming back to work would have hit me harder - after a few hours it hasn't been that bad. The New Year catching up was relatively painless, and I only had 75 emails to go through. I suspect I've been a bit lucky on that count.

But the past week has already started to fade. Sigh. I wonder: do weeks, such as the one I had, end for everyone? Is "going back to work" a universal inevitability? I'm just not totally sure that it has to be.