Tuesday, January 16


Shak says (16:04):
    but i was planning on at least saying hi. uness you wouldnt want that of course
xxxx says (16:06):
    like I said before, you and I have no reason to talk to each other
Shak says (16:06):
    do we need one?
    i cant quite figure out if that's a fob off or not... care to be explicit?
xxxx says (16:07):
    We were never friends. I had a lot of time, now I don't.
Shak says (16:08):
    lol, ok but still. if you can be a little more direct i'd aprpecuiate it
    ok ill make it simpler... fancy meeting up for max 5 mins during yyyy?
Shak says (16:09):
    yes or no will do :)
xxxx says (16:10):
    No thanks


  1. Ouucchh. Use and abuse? :-P

  2. have you been trying to get a date with shilpa shetty again?

    seriously though ...how rude! and how is it possible that someone would not want to talk to you?

  3. >>what a BITCH!

    wow...i'd say theres a chance that comment would dent xxxx's self esteem that bit more, but then i conveniently forget she did just fob Shak off...

    So...yeah anyway..despite it being a smart move..what a b****!!