Friday, January 5

New Music

2 Step Bhangra - The Bilz

Funky and kinda different. And has a lot of hotties in the video. I like this, but might be slightly disappointed by the rest of the album.

Kasam Se - Partners In Rhyme

REMIXTASTIC! This is actually pretty atrocious in a muzak kinda way. Still it's fun while it lasts as you try and remember what the originals used to sound like. Would make great background party music actually. Maybe.

The Streets Of Bollywood 2 - Various

The second in this week's "let's remix and destroy classic Bollywood tracks" special, The Streets Of Bollywood 2 is not as striking as the first volume (possibly since almost half the tracks have been produced by Kami K). In fact, I've not heard anything I'd want to keep here, whereas I still got a few from last time. Disappointing.