Friday, January 26

One Canada Square Click for more info

Since we were in the area anyway for tonight's WharfMA event, a friend of mine invited me up to her workplace in Canary Wharf. Now, this wouldn't usually be something worth blogging about, except for the fact my friend works on the 36th floor of One Canada Square, or as it's known by some, Canary Wharf Tower.

Yes, I went at night, but it was still a awe-inspiring view. Seeing the A12 from that far up was just plain weird. And seeing two other towers right next door was also a surreal experience. You can see right into both the HSBC and Citigroup buildings, each paradoxically looking larger than life. It was almost like it was all movie-set fake. Oh, and yes: your ears do pop while riding the lifts up and down.

Anyway there's not really much point in telling you about it, so just see here for the piccies I took. I can't wait till I get to go back there during the day!