Tuesday, January 23

Food: El Parador Click for more info

What is tapas? I'm still not sure, since I seem to order just as I would in any other restaurant. But putting my own ignorance aside for a moment, whatever El Parador is supposed to serve, it was all blummin' good stuff.

We went for lunch, and it was surprisingly quiet. This meant that service was top notch - we were given our food within ten minutes of ordering, although I can imagine it becoming slow during peak times. Going back to the food, we ordered six items (there was a three for two offer on), of which the swordfish and sweet potato rocked.

Pricewise, it wasn't that good - we slipped over a tenner per head. Having said that, it wasn't bad for what we ordered, but it would definitely have been overpriced if we only had four instead. Only worth it if you're really gagging for really good tapas.