Thursday, January 4

Shak's Choice: Shilpa Shetty

Well, it was kinda inevitable, right? The first Bollywood housemate, Shilpa Shetty:

For those who watched last night, didn't she do well? She looked good (although the sari might have been a bit over the top) and was well spoken and almost composed. I think she's more street than she appears and totally has potential to surprise us all.

Either that, or she's going to get mauled.


  1. she is a hot babe, is she the only talent on the show this year?

    I saw a clip of her in the house, thought her outfit looked glam.

    I wonder how long before the media dig up the dirt on her.

  2. you know what i find amazing is that seen in isolation she comes across as a spoilt self-obsessed narcissistic brat, but put amongst the rest of them and she suddenly appears the queen of decorum and elegance! what does that say for the rest of them?

  3. Was flicking through the channels the other night, and came across her on CBB dressed in jeans, a long sleeve blue top, and black ankle high boots (they looked a bit like Uggs). Must say, with that glimpse of her I did think "Nice ass!"