Wednesday, January 17

Food: Boisdale Click for more info

Scottish food? Didn't realise it existed, well apart from haggis. But this place, where we went for a team dinner, managed to educate me. And it was a pretty good lesson too.

Due to the numbers, we had to stick to the set menu. Some may find this to a be a curse, but I kinda like limited choices, especially when going to a new restaurant. I had the Salmon for starters, the Fish Pie for main and topped it off with Apple Crumble with Custard. They were all very nice - far better than any British food I might have had elsewhere. The restaurant itself was a bit cramped, but clean - it was nothing particularly special. But then, I only go for the food and company (which is free. Well, usually anyway) so I didn't mind too much.

But the price was pretty steep for what it was - the set menu was £36 on its own and didn't include drink. It's a prohibitive price and as nice as Boisdale was, I can think of other places to spend that much money per head.