Tuesday, January 30

Reminiscing Flattery

My cousin currently goes to the same Sixth Form that I (and everyone in my family with a London education) went to. He just rang to tell me that his Mechanics teacher, Dr K, was boasting about a student he had ten years ago called Shakil. Apparently (as Dr K told my cousin), Shakil was the cleverest student in the place in those days.

It's all a lie of course. Dr K only taught Maths and I know at least two people who were smarter than I was in those classes. Still, it's nice to be remembered after such a long period of time, especially by a teacher who gets more than a few new students each year. I knew there was a reason why Dr K was my favourite teacher back then.

On a non-bragging note, I gotta admit that I miss the times when people knew who I was, based on the things I did. I can't remember the last time I made a mark or was actually known - and I don't think there's any potential for doing so in the near future either.

Still, I guess we all leave impressions on people all the time. Sometimes it just takes someone from ten years ago reminiscing to make you realise that.