Monday, January 1

Food: Halaliano's Click for more info

Despite going numerous times in the past, last night was the first time I actually had more than a milkshake to eat or drink. I still don't have a complete picture since we actually paid a square ten quid per head for a large pizza and milkshake. That in itself was pretty good value (the food was way too much for one person) and it's not like a place like this usually has a menu to choose from. Oh and everything is halal by the way.

Food and price aside, Halaliano's is a bit of dive, and I always say so when I've been invited to join friends there. Despite it's flaws (dark, dank, sleazy and smoky) it manages to set the stage for some nice enough times so it can't be that bad. As for the student riff raff types... Well let's just say they're both a curse and blessing and leave it at that. Ho hum.

So yeh, I guess it's growing on me, and I'm sure it will become a kind of pseudo hang-out eventually. Shame it has such a crap name though.