Monday, January 29

New Music

A bit of an Outlandish special today. For those three people (at least) about to scream at me for not being a real fan, yes, I'm obviously brushing up for Wednesday's gig. But seeing as these are genuinely good albums that deserve to be listened to I'm sure you can all forgive me.

Bread & Barrels Of Water - Outlandish

Released in 2003, BnBW contains the still-rocking Aicha and Walou, and with them other notable songs like Peelo and Fatima's Hand, all of which both sound good and speak well. And that's coming from someone who doesn't usually listen to lyrics.

Closer Than Veins - Outlandish

Home to my favourite Outlandish track ever, Kom Igen, their latest album continues with the class of the last, although of the two BnBW is definitely more special. Nothing Left To Do is currently doing the rounds on any radio playlist worth its salt.

Between the two albums I've found that Outlandish music isn't about pop or being derivative and it's this realness and honesty that makes it all so fresh. Add to that the Islam/Asian angle and you get music that I relate and click with quite well. Good stuff.

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  1. I'm very flattered that part of the reason you bought tickets is because you knew I was going. It's sweet.