Friday, December 15

Things That Pee Me Off #15: Lazy Commuters

Why do some people (anecdotally usually women) grab a seat on a train as soon as it's free, even though they're going to get off at the next stop? The train is full as it is, but they don't think of the pain they'll cause a) getting to the empty seat and then b) getting back to the train doors in order to disembark (which is usually where they just raced from).

Take today for instance. I had a seat for a few stops already and I had a good few stops to go till I hit Oxford Circus; I was enjoying my usual nap on the way in. A seat opened up next to me, and a fellow commuter took it, forcing me to give up mine to the elderly lady behind her. Fair enough, since you can't expect everyone to want to give up their seat.

But to then get off the next stop, giving your seat to some guy who clearly didn't need it and so leaving me standing and, more importantly, losing twenty minutes of sleep? Gee thanks, you're the best.

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