Monday, December 25

Party, Party, Party

I just realised it's going to be a bit of a hectic week, social-wise. It actually started yesterday with a dinner party around ours, but I suspect that will be the quietest affair.

Christmas Day is traditionally held for family dinner - although we usually substitute the turkey for a leg of lamb (or two). It's the only day we're all guaranteed to be free so it's usually booked as so. And of course, this time was totally dominated by the Wii.

This year, Boxing Day hosts a friend's birthday party, and knowing this lot it's going to have its own share of fun (and then some).

Wednesday has been set for a visiting friend's dinner party. It's a uni affair which doesn't happen as often as I'd like, and so I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday and Friday should be relatively quiet, with only sale shopping (ugh) and Jummah prayer respectively to keep me occupied.

Saturday will be Eid and the day will so entail the usual family and friends visitations. As a bonus it's the homecoming for a few Bengalis I know, so I'm hoping the local friends will get together - that in itself has been long overdue.

And Sunday... well it's New Years Eve and a few have organised something more than the half-arsed party-gathering thing I usually attend. I'm totally looking forward to that one.

I'm just dreading next Tuesday, when reality will final catch up and smack me in the face.