Thursday, December 7

Bursting For A Wii

I know some people will find it strange my counting down to the launch of the new Nintendo games console. What's probably even more impressive (or sad if you're judgemental like that) is that I'm actually going for to pick mine up at a midnight launch, tonight, in Oxford Street.

The thing is, console launches don't happen that often so it is an exciting time for some videogame fans. This won't actually be the first midnight launch that I'm attending either; I was in the line for HMV's midnight opening for the Gamecube too (along with my brother and neighbour, so I'm not alone in my madness). In that case, however, I didn't have a guaranteed pre-order and so at around 00:05 we all looked at each other, asked what the hell we were doing there at that time of night and then left for home, empty handed. My brother ordered one online the next day and it came a few days later.

But still, I am excited about tonight. I'm not alone this time either - I have a friend who has also pre-ordered (serialised serials! Woot!) and two other guys who have nothing better to do. It will be surreal shopping on Oxford Street at that time of night, but not as strange as the intention we have to play some Wii when we get back to mine. Having said all that, the weather outside is pretty scary... Oh no.

Look out tomorrow for a review of the console and its pack-in game, Wii Sports.

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