Thursday, December 28

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Click for more info

Although a Wii launch title, I've not been able to play this till now because of a certain Xbox 360 game I had been trying to complete before my friend came back. It's a bit of a shame that I have very little holiday left from work; I will probably just about get my teeth into Twilight Princess before I have to cut down the gaming time I've had over the last week.

Anyway, TP is great. I took me two hours to get a frakkin' sword, but I enjoyed doing that. And I guess that's what makes this a bit difficult to review - there's a bit too much meat on this game to get a good enough impression of in just over two hours worth of play so I can only extrapolate really. As reported by almost everyone before me, it resembles Ocarina over Windwaker which, seeing as I thought the latter was mediocre at best, is a good thing. I just can't wait to hit my first dungeon.

But still, I'm not coming away really impressed with the game. The reason why is pretty ironic: I'm not quite comfortable with the controls used in the game. There are three main gripes here and all are fundamental to what the Wii is trying to do.

Firstly, my wrists get tired when holding a separate remote and nunchuk. This is probably just me, as everyone else seems to love how you can rest your arms how you would want to isntead of being constrained by a joypad. Secondly, you need to arbitrarily move the remote or nunchuk to attack with the sword, while modifying the move you make with button presses. Hmm. And thirdly, you aim projectile weapons with the remote (which although nice at first gets a bit boring - but at least you can turn that off and go back to joypad control).

It all just seems too tacked on; something that's not surprising seeing as this is essentially a Gamecube game. Oh, and the graphics and sound reflect as much too - I just don't really care about those here.

I guess the controls are just something I need to get used to - before I know it, I'll probably won't even realise. It's just a shame that, for the reasons above, I might have been better off with the Gamecube version in the first place!

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