Monday, December 4

Imitation or Flattery? Click for more info

So it seems I have a bit of an admirer out there in the Blogiverse (and if I seem a bit upset down below it's only 'cos I've been made to use such a lame word to open this post). Please take a minute to check out the following:

  • Introductions, me vs her.
  • Looking To Get Married, me vs her (this one popped up as I was typing!).
  • Religion and Culture, me vs her.
  • Global Peace and Unity, me vs her.
And just in case they happen to have mysteriously disappeared by the time you click (I suspect that the blog's author comes here often), I've gone to the trouble of screen capping them all for posterity.

I'm actually the most annoyed with that first one, since the others have been ripped off somewhat whole and intact. I would prefer to have been credited, but then at least I'm being read by a wider audience indirectly. So yes, I'm a bit flattered.

In fact, my first assumption was that any citation owed to me had been mistakenly omitted, but then I realised that the posts had been changed in a few subtle ways (so Southall instead of Hounslow, Michael Jackson instead of Oasis and, of course, a liberal use of extra exclamation marks), but enough to make it clear that this author had tried to pass them off as her own. Still, I'm glad that I'm inspiring at least one reader, even if that is only to the act of blatant plagiarism. No doubt that there will be more similarities popping up as she travels further into the past of my blog.

Being 25 and female, only one real question remains left to be asked: is The Moonbeam Fairy fit or not? Yes, I have to admit that I'm a little intrigued. I mean, it's not often you find a single girl who thinks so similarly to yourself - it's almost like she gets me, y'know? I wonder if she's a Katie Holmes fan too...

I've added her to my list of feeds now anyway. What's more, it seems that we attend the same mosque (me vs her, although not really in the same way as above). Oooh, I wonder if she's shaking with as much excitement as I am? Gosh, we may have even prayed there at the same time already!

Alright, alright. I'm being a bit unfair now so I'll end it there. I'm sure my point has been made, and to be clear I'm more amused than angry (even though I certainly have a right to be that). But on a final and unrelated note (and, honestly, this isn't aimed at anyone in particular), that little "©Shakil Shaikh MMVI" down at the bottom of this page isn't just there for fashion you know.

EDIT: I know I shouldn't have to say this but just to be on the safe side: if you do decide to "contribute" on Fairy Dust, then I'd appreciate it if you would take a minute to think about the appropriateness of your comment before hitting that submit button. If you want to comment on this situation then it's best to do so here. If you just want to say something nasty and horrible and flamey, then I'd prefer if you didn't comment at all, anywhere. The last thing I want to do is regret writing this post in the first place.


  1. Awwwwwwww. The start of a beautiful romance.

    I wonder if they'll buy up the rights for a B/Hollywood film? A "You've Got Mail" for the noughties?

  2. Blog plagiarism is a common thing now, but i'm glad you've named and shamed her!

    I don't know what's worse, she's even left the link in one of the posts to your blog, obviously wasn't all that clever when she was tweaking the content.

    I reckon she's your new stalker.

  3. Anonymous00:39

    Salaams' Shak, Howdy!

    *Waves a white flag*

    Apologies if I caused any kind of offence to yourself or fellow blog readers.

    Take it easy.
    The Moonbeam Fairy.
    (A Shak Fan)

  4. Anonymous00:47

    Or maybe it was a plan to get my name on the notice board...

    Mwah ha ha ha..

    "I love it when a plan comes together" (oh wait stop, I wouldn't want to get done for plagarism)

    The above quote was taken from 'The A Team', a TV seris of the Eighties. Or was it still Illegal for me to quote that? Do I need to buy the rights to use that quote or summut? Kidding ;o)

    Hey Shak - cool blogs.

  5. lol, wicked. i hope this isnt another one of shak(& Co's) cheap thrills...

  6. Anonymous17:19

    This blog has been really interesting mate. First time I've actually been bothered to register so I can post a comment !

    Tell me if you ever want to sell the film rights, and I'll help you get a good deal ;o)

    Wish both of you the best in your blogs iA.