Tuesday, December 12

Radio Shak, Radio Show

The BBC Asian Network is doing a piece on blogs tomorrow and have asked me to come on air and defend mine. Defend how or against what exactly I'm not sure, but they're gonna cover political and other themed blogs too, so perhaps I'm supposed to say how much better mine is over those. Apparently I'm not allowed to say that I don't actually care if people read Radio Shak or not. Hmm.

Still, I'm glad I have this post to refer to, since I'm probably going to be asked, again, why I actually blog in the first place. Come to mention it, it's all very apt going on AN to talk about my blog since if it wasn't for the rise (and subsequent fall) of the ALMBs, this place probably wouldn't exist. Like, totally full circle, yaar.

Anyway, I'm told it'll be on at around 10:30am tomorrow, so have a listen if you're bothered enough to. As for me, I'm off to write a post interesting enough for any possible passer-bys to be impressed with and latch on to. Jeez, it just had to be the Wii release day last week, didn't it?