Tuesday, December 12

I'm Interesting, Please Read Me

I've spent the last hour or so chatting to friends, racking my brains and even, gasp, contemplating on what to write in order to make this blog look at least as interesting as it's been a few times previously. After all, the location of this place might be given to billions of people tomorrow, and I wouldn't want them to think that all I'm interested in is videogames, right?

I mean I like to think I've written some half-decent articles before, so another example of the same would do. Perhaps an article about Islam would work? Or maybe something about relationships would strike a chord with any new readers? Or how about a restaurant, book, music, film or videogame review? Or a list of rants?

But then there's the personal, honest feel of the place I'd like to demonstrate too - the whole marriage thing even. Oo, or perhaps I should write about a unique experience I've recently had? I could just stick to something for the boys, but then I'd probably have to balance that with something for the girls too. I think I'll avoid a technical post, seeing how badly they've gone down in the past.

Nope. I mean I couldn't write about a single topic since that wouldn't really reflect what goes on in this blog. If only there was a way to subtly link back to those examples I mentioned above. Oh well...

But then why do I care anyway? It certainly smacks of an egotistical need to be read that I denied I had when I spoke to that Asian Network producer earlier this afternoon. I mean, sure, these pages are more popular than most personal blogs (averaging over 1200 hits a week, 400 of which are unique if you really wanted to know), but none of that matters really. Even if no one read at all, I'd carry on writing.

I think it has more to do with being potentially misunderstood. I wouldn't mind people reading a range of posts and deciding that I'm actually a loser with too much free time, especially since they'd almost certainly be right. But for them to decide this after just reading the latest few, well, yes, I guess I'd feel a little misrepresented and, so, disappointed.

Of course this all has some pretty big implications. Assuming I do the show tomorrow, this would probably be the biggest outing my blog has had since its inception. As others have (apparently frustratingly) found out, I don't advertise this blog other than a link in the signature of a personal email account I use to mail people who know anyway, and having so many people I don't know visiting at one time is actually quite terrifying. But hey, I guess exposure comes with the blogging territory, so I'm also interested to actually see what happens. Who knows? Perhaps I'll make new friends and contacts. And find new rishtas. That last bit was a joke.

So anyway, yes, I'm totally stuck on what to write about. If you have any ideas, please feel free to suggest them.


  1. I like it.

    this is the true shak :)

  2. Shak, novelise your blog. Think about how many people read this. Its interesting, do it. It would certainly have a level of productivity to it.

  3. ditto minmin!

    but hey Good Luck Radio Shak, despite the saddo-ism, you deserve all the cred and effort in regularly maintaining a blog... afterall..if it wasnt for your blog, mine wouldnt be so popular...boom boom :D