Wednesday, December 6

Film: Pan's Labyrinth Click for more info

Fantastic tale set in a 30's Spain about a little girl that struggles not only against a army captain step-father, but also with the possibility that she may in fact be the long lost princess of another world.

Just to be clear though: this is no tale of the fairy kind. In fact it's anything but. Graphic violence, very creepy visuals (certainly one of the more scary films I've seen this year - think Hellraiser) and some pretty adult concepts (like torture and fascism) puts this well into grown up territory.

But this cinematic schizophrenia doesn't harm the film at all. In fact it adds to it, giving it a depth that it wouldn't have achieved otherwise. Pan's Labyrinth is yet another foreign film (it's in Spanish with English subtitles) that doesn't disappoint. Go watch it.