Monday, December 4

The Holiday Curse

I've had a bit of a tough time getting out of the country recently.

Since my last holiday (which was really just a city break to Amsterdam), I've tried planning trips to Peru, one of the Scandinavian countries, and most recently Australia. All have failed, although there is still hope with the last one.

It's not important why they failed, but I do wish I didn't have to rely on other people in order to travel. People have their own things to do, and holidays are quite pricey so it's surprising anyone gets away in groups at all. I guess there is money to be saved and it's also safer and possibly more enjoyable to share a trip with friends, but still, going on my own would be better than not going at all.

But so far travelling is something I've never done by myself. I did spend an extra day in Dubai on my own, but I had local friends there so I didn't really notice. Flying back on my lonesome wasn't really bothersome either. So I think a trip alone from start to finish is definitely possible for me. It seems to be pretty easy for others.

So I guess the only thing that's really stopping me is myself. Who knows? Perhaps like it is with cinema I'll eventually gain the courage to go on holiday myself. I'm certainly glad I don't miss out on films now so it's more than likely I'd enjoy not missing out on any new places to visit either.