Sunday, December 3

Media Darling

I spent most of today filming for Unity TV's next Eid show (due out New Year's day or thereabouts; the precise time and date to be confirmed). We've decided to pre-record it as opposed to broadcasting it live this time.

I think the official reason is so that we can have something a bit more polished, but I reckon we did a good enough job last time. Still, I'm interested in the new experience: recorded television is a different beast to playing live; it's certainly seems like much more hard work. And I say that as someone who's been involved a tiny amount compared to the directors and producers who have been filming for two weekends already. I guess being creative takes as much time as you want to throw at it.

So now we have takes and retakes. When we mess up, we try again (and again). If something works we improve it, and if not then we do something else to replace it. As expected, one hour of programming takes many more to actually film and produce.

Apart from the hours already spent, we also now have a bit of structure to the show. Timeslots are set, scripts have been created and shots planned. Sections are now more ambitious, but I don't want to spoil what we are planning on showing. It's all pretty hardcore in a laid back amateurish way (not to take anything away from the team - we're all working hard). Although those in charge did come across as oppressive dictators at times.

Due to the time available, I've chosen one of the easier parts to do. Me and the same co-host from last time will be introducing the show as a whole and each individual slot, which not only requires the least preparation, but also involves a minimum of working with children. We also did a bit of promotional material, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Gulp.

We finished just before 10pm, which was pretty late for a Sunday night. Still, it one of those worthwhile things that you don't mind sacrificing for - we had fun both working and playing in the course of creating the show (and we have plenty of bloopers and super secret "extra" footage to prove that). Of course the work isn't over yet as the producers have to somehow condense and present the footage down into a respectful quality show, and hopefully I'll have an opportunity to help with that too.

On a more general note, I did notice something quite a bit bigger than just the two Eid shows for Unity Television forming, and the vision, passion and excitement some have for these projects is clearly building towards something potentially very special. I'll say it again: we are all amateurs, but that doesn't seem to matter much at all.

It's definitely something I want to continue being a part of, even if that happens to be a role firmly behind the camera (fame isn't really all that, dontcha know). Watch this space, I guess.