Thursday, December 28


So once again, three million Muslims or so are gathering in their air-conditioned tents in Mina. I say that like I know what's going on over there, but I really don't: for me, the memory of performing Hajj has become a bit of a haze. But then again, I did perform it five years ago. Cripes.

Yes, if it isn't blindingly obvious I do want to go back and do it all over again. I'm not quite jealous but I do wish I was one of the pilgrims over there. I don't think I'll be going while Hajj hovers over the Christmas season (it's way too busy and costly for me), so it'll be at least a good few years before I do. And who knows, perhaps I'll be forced to go again by then anyway?

It's the Day of Arafat tomorrow, which kinda marks the beginning of the end of the whole ritual. For many it'll be the first and only time they'll be performing Hajj, and in a matter of days they'll be in the same position as I am in. I guess that's one of the bitter effects of Hajj - you're sorry to go since it's such a rare and unique experience.