Tuesday, August 22

Stopped and Searched Again!

Totally randomly (or perhaps not so), but hey, I've now been S&S'd the most out of all the people I know personally (and that's three if you're not counting).

It was with BTP again, and I still think that they handle the whole thing pretty well. When the copper called me over I think he kinda knew from the grin on my face that I knew the score and wasn't gonna make things too difficult. I was even offered the officer's name without asking, which I thought was nice of them. Shame they didn't know what a DS was though.

I love the way certain demeanours change as soon as I open my mouth too. I know I'm not the most well spoken, but when I talk it's like they suddenly realise what a waste of time the whole thing will be but that since they've made the stop they'll just have to follow it through anyway; he knew already that I'd be wanting my completed pink slip. I guess that's the real problem I have with these things as opposed to the more public issues concerning profiling - the fact that there's sometimes surprise that a stopped Muslim might actually be vaguely clued up.

Apparently I was called on 'cos I had a bag (perhaps these guys were the fashion police, bdum tish) and because I used the leftmost barrier on exiting The Tube. That last bit made me chuckle (although perhaps only terrorists do use empty barriers?), but overall the whole thing was painless as usual.

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  1. Doesnt it make u mad to be singled out like that? I would be totally pissed, especially if they have no reason to search you..and please don't tell me its all random...y aint they 'randomly' go for the white chick w/ the blonde hair!