Monday, August 14

Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS) Click for more info

I've had this for a while now but for some reason (namely FF4) it had been put on the back burner. Now that I've played through some of it, I regret leaving it for so long.

Phoenix Wright is a pretty unique game. I use game in the loosest sense of the word since it's more of an interactive adventure comic, than a videogame. I've only played through some of the first chapter, but so far all I've had to do is sit back and enjoy a well presented crime story, listen to a witness's testimony and point out the inconsistencies in it using evidence already submitted to the court.

Sounds very vague and difficult, no? Well to be honest I didn't really understand how this game would work - I mean there's an infinite number of ways to run a defense (Phoenix is a defense attorney). However that's where the neat and clever design of the game comes into play. Holes are pretty obvious if you pay attention and the Press and OBJECTION! (you can even shout that out loud if you want) mechanics are tight enough to keep everything focused and fun.

Nice visuals, good scripting and original gameplay make this a game worth playing. It is old now, but proves just how strong the DS system is - it just wouldn't work as well on other platforms.

Just make sure you don't shout "Objection" while playing on a public train.

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