Sunday, August 13

BBQ In Sarf Landan

I attended a BBQ today. This was no ordinary BBQ though, since it was held in the depths of South London. Now, I don't usually venture that far past the river, but since there were a potential 90 people turning up (and so the biggest private BBQ I would have ever been to), many of whom I already knew to be interesting and fun, it wasn't really something I could miss. I had been looking forward to this one for a while.

First things first though: the food. No burgers (gasp), but there was plenty of kebabs and sausages for the lazy people (like me) while on-the-bone chicken legs was provided for the purists. Apparently there was a wide variety of salads and veg too but I must have blanked those bits out. The rain was threatening to break at times, but the weather behaved itself for the most part. We did have the most wonderful shower at the end though.

The company was good too. Most of the people I already knew from the supplementary school network, but I did meet some new people outside of that particular circle. I even bumped into a pal from Leyton who happened to be related to the hosts! Speaking of which: they did a pretty fantastic job catering for and making everyone feel welcome. I don't think just anybody can pull off such an event (or at least I know I couldn't), so it's all the more impressive that they did. Oh, and just in case you think that this was a totally atypical Asian do, there was at least one auntie on the prowl. Ho hum.

The worst thing was having to leave relatively early; it was Sunday and we had a way to go getting back, but it was a shame since I didn't quite get that "closure" you get when you stay till the end of these things. The despondency we all felt on the way home was a kind of testament to the high the afternoon gave us; it was one of those unique occasions with bags of carelessness and feel good factor that you can't help but lap up.

I just can't wait for next year! Provided I'm invited, of course. Ahem.

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  1. hey shak, the "aunty on the prowl" comment reminded me....

    did your aunt/uncle finally leave? and wutever happ'd to their deadline on getting ya hitched? Just wondering :p