Monday, August 7

If Only It Was A Handkerchief

Early starts and busy trains seem to increase the likelihood of seeing Victoria[1] at Oxford Circus. And that was exactly the case today. Now no, I'm not beginning to log every single sighting on my blog, but this one was very different: it was different because I talked to her.

There we were, riding at the same set of doors in the same carriage after having let the same busy train pass us by previously (even though this one turned out to be just as busy). We got off at Victoria, as usual, and then found ourselves on the same escalator heading up towards the exit, her leading the way in front of me. And now, dear readers, this is where it became interesting.

SHE DROPPED HER SCARF. Right there in front of me. It took a few steps for her to realise that she had, and by then I had already picked it up and made a motion to offer it back to her. "Hey, thanks!", she said. "No problem!", I retorted. And so then on our respective ways we respectively went.

So yes: the ice has been broken, first contact has been made and a context has been created. Does it mean anything in a practical sense? Probably not... But then that doesn't mean I cant be happy for the rest of the week anyway.

[1] That's right, I've now given her a pseudonym. If there was ever a time to call the police, now would probably be it.