Monday, August 28

Food: Medea Click for more info

Now here's a deceptively small and cosy Moroccan place down on King's Road. I use deceptively since it actually spans three floors, each filled with its own character and vibe. They managed to accommodate eleven of us in a small enclosure and cosy which was nice since it made everything much more intimate than it would have been otherwise. Top marks for setting the stage I think.

Food was typical North African cuisine. We stuck to a set menu and for starters were given some (literally) sweet meat pastries which I really liked. The mains were less special, consisting of various (ie meat, chicken and salmon) Tangine dishes with Couscous. Theses were generous though and filled me up adequately. I skipped the traditional pastry dessert, but on appearance they seemed like the usual Arab fare.

We were also given a show by the resident belly dancer; the best I've seen in a restaurant, although that's not really saying much. Still, she managed to entertain and involve all those watching. Actually, while we're on the subject, Medea was packed with some very pretty women both in terms of guests and hosts. Perhaps it was just a good day to go, but it was something more than one guy in our group noticed!

The bill came to 27 quid for those who chose not to drink, which for the food was pretty expensive in my opinion. Still it was clear that no one actually minded; we were having too much fun and for the experience alone the price was very reasonable.

And I think that pretty much sums up Medea well: despite being a great place to eat it's not really somewhere to go to for the food!