Wednesday, August 9

One Wedding, To Go

So both my phoopi and phoopa want me to get married before they leave. And just in case you've not been counting, that's in under two weeks time.

"Give us some good news to take back home" they say. "We'd be soooo honoured if we were to be of the few relatives from Pakistan to attend your wedding". It would be funny if they were joking. But they're so not.

I'm amazed at how they think it's actually possible (for me) to get married in under fourteen days purely on their request. I mean there are two people who could do that, but I trust them enough for that not to happen.

I've given up trying to explain to my guests how it's not going to happen, since they keep reducing the reasoning to my being fussy as opposed to them treating marriage as a triviality. And now, being silent and ignoring them is the least rude response I can reply with. It's all the more disappointing 'cos just when I think my relatives (in general here, and not just these guys) are cool and aware and understanding, they go and make comments like this. And all of a sudden it hits me how cliched the whole situation is. I read about this kind of stuff all the time.

The irony is, of course, that it totally could run like that. I'd be the first to suggest a shotgun wedding under more ideal conditions (those mainly being regarding the girl). It's just extremely unlikely, no matter what kind of pressure is placed upon me. I just don't understand how my dear uncle and aunty don't get that.