Sunday, August 27

Out Late

You know, sometimes you go out to meet friends for dinner and it's alright. At other times it's really good. And at others still it's brilliant.

I dunno what it was about tonight though. Perhaps it was just how intimate it was (with just the four of us and a home cooked meal as opposed to the 15-large restaurant parties that have been common of late for me). Perhaps it was the lack of planning, and hence, free flow of the evening. Most likely it was just the company (and I've written about dinner with this particular host before).

We ended up wondering around Hampstead at 1am in the morning looking for dessert, which isn't really something that's happened since my university days. Maybe that just goes to show how things have changed since then. On the other hand, it also means that those kind of feelings and experiences aren't necessarily lost forever as we grow and change and are readily available if we ever want them.

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