Monday, August 28

Out Late (Again)

Medea was actually the venue for an IC Massive get together. The timing was interesting since it was the complete opposite in character to Saturday night: rude, brash, disgusting, chaotic and loud but just as totally and utterly brilliant. Yes, I know everyone thinks that their uni group is special and different and unique. But when I think when I say it it's in a very objective sense. This isn't a matter of opinion. We really are different.

The group itself is as schizophrenic as the people making it up. On the one hand we're all typical, (sometimes) professional and capable of being classy - we read books and travel and eat at fancy places. At other times we're nothing more than a yobbish mob, the kind that makes any passer-by cross the road or restaurant diner in the vicinity ask for a different table.

So yeh, we're extremely balanced I guess. And we know we're different 'cos very few people can actually handle us (and that's more a regret than a boast). The ICM actually serves as a stress test for any new relationships we might find ourselves in - if a new girlfriend or boyfriend survives us then they're probably worth keeping and collectively we've been responsible for more than one break up I think...

Anyway, today was another classic do. After the restaurant we ended up at a friend's flat close by where we stayed till late swapping anecdotes and laughing till sore. It was, again, just like something we might have done during uni. It was especially nice both as a complement to Saturday night and because we really don't do it often enough. I guess that keeps it special though.

I think I'm gonna give the finger to my clock radio and for once in my life lie in tomorrow. Oh, and the first person to say "while the cat's away" gets a punch in the arm.


  1. tut tut "while the cat's away"

  2. i know i place rocks!

  3. rohit they all went back to your small basement flat for a quick gang bang .. bit of a tight cosy squeeze :p

  4. >>bit of a tight cosy squeeze :p

    tight is best...just like fresh virgins..

  5. like you'd know the difference you tart

  6. >>like you'd know the difference you tart

    being a tart, i can assuredly tell you...I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.