Wednesday, August 30

New Music

Well, admittedly not that new. I've been trying to clear my backlog of music-to-get and this is what I ended up with:

Pyar Hogiya Ft. Alyssia & Dee (Desiton Mix) - Panjabi Hit Squad

Remix of a song previously added (way back in March!). I hated it at first but now see it's pretty good. Perhaps even more than the original...

Khwaab Feat. Swati Natekar - Niraj Chag

Shak does chill out? Maybe, but this is good despite that. I think Niraj Chag is becoming more and more known as time goes on and since this was being played months ago don't be surprised if you've heard more of his album already.

Kom Igen Feat. USO, ADL & Salah Edin - Outlandish

Forget Aisha and all their other stuff; this is what Outlandish is all about. Tune.

Dangerous Ft. Jade Foxx, Jai Boo, Fame, Hard Kaur - Juttla

More rap, this time from the girls. One of Hard Kaur's better tracks in my opinion.

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

I've been hearing this on the radio for a while now but didn't realise what it was till a friend named it on their blog. Kinda makes me want to find a cliff to jump off, but at least I'll be bopping on the way down.


  1. Salah Edin does well in this. Boy his rapping is fast and its also done in urdu...jeez.

    As for Niraj Chag's khwaab track. Good quality indian chillout/ambience music

  2. For the lyrics of Outlandish's Kom igen see this link. It has the translation of parts of the song that are not in english.

  3. I really like their Guantanamo song