Thursday, August 24

Pluto No More Click for more info

Or at least it's no longer a planet of the Solar System. On the face of it that's a pretty trivial event, but I couldn't help but feel a bit upset when hearing about this. I mean this is something that's been true for all of my life. How can they just take it away like this?

So goodbye Pluto. You'll be erased from textbooks but will never be forgotten; they'll always be nine planets in my mind.


  1. such a bummer, now the nemonic that i made up for my 'O' level makes no sense... "meet vicky eating mars just sitting underneath pluto". very inconsiderate

  2. I know! whats this all about? all my life pluto has existed, they cant just take it away as and wish they like! :-(

  3. Well i am not surprised.. for some reason i've always suspected Pluto's eligibility to planet status as it was hardly visible in the first place and much much smaller than the other planets (as stated in so called text books), yet again 'sceintific theory' gone out of the window, sigh.