Saturday, August 19

Eng Vs Pak, Fourth Test, Day Three

So, finally, I got to attend a test. This was the third day and the previous two had set the stage for some exciting play. The rain did cause some problems early on (from the start the pitch had been vacated three times in as many hours), but once the clouds had finally settled down it didn't come back. At least we got to get some lunch during the rain breaks.

The game itself was good though. We couldn't have really asked for more than it gave us:

  • A good Pakistan batting display. Check.
  • Some brilliant English fielding and catches. Check.
  • A session each for Monty and Sajid to bowl, including a few wickets between them. Check.
  • The beginning of England's second innings with some impressive batting. Check.
  • Fast bowling and spinning by Pakistan, including a wicket. Check.
Some pictures are up on Picasa.

I still think I prefer one dayers to tests though. I mean, today was good, but it's a different atmosphere and crowd during games of the other format. At times we (my friend and I) thought we were the only Pakistani fans there! Oh, and most importantly, there didn't seem to be any kuriya watching with us either.

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