Monday, August 28

How Domestic

It's still the weekend and I have chores to do. So far I have managed the following:

  • Cleaned the bathroom, including the scrubbing of the sink, toilet and shower.
  • Cleaned the kitchen (but not the cooker since it's not being used).
  • Swept the (tiled) hall.
  • Vacuumed.
  • Half-loaded the washing machine (with only coloured delicates).
  • Hung out the above to dry.
  • Taken the rubbish out.
Things I didn't do:

  • Iron.
  • Cook.
Go me. And beware anyone who drops food on my carpet or messes up my bowl.


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  2. i think i just found my domestic other half :)

  3. >>>[...] I have chores to do[..]

    [e.a.l falls off her chair in shock]