Saturday, September 27

The 27ers

Let me get this straight from the start: there is nothing wrong with spending the night of the 27th in worship. Heck, the dedication and will it takes to do what some did last night puts me to shame at least (I barely managed a quarter of what others did). So I'm not advocating that people stop doing this kind of thing.

I will however say that I'm always surprised by the increase in numbers on this one single night. You see, it seems like a very high risk strategy to me, placing all your worshipping eggs in one night basket.

My understanding is that there's no evidence more detailed than "last ten days, of which the odd nights" and since Laylat Al-Qadr (literally, Night of Power) doesn't actually change from year to year (as some seem to think it does), if these 27ers happen to be doing it on the wrong day each and every year, well then, they're gonna be more than a bit miffed when it comes to cashing in; although there's little doubt they'll get something for their efforts, it just wont be the thousand months' worth promised by the special night.

Even if there was some indication that this night is more likely to fall on the 27th than any other day (please send me it if you can), it would still be prudent to spread yourself a bit more thin; you know just in case. It wouldn't take that much more effort to spend an hour and a half four (or better still, nine) more times, especially if we're able to manage five hours or more on the 27th.

So again I'm not advising reducing the efforts made on the 27th; no it's more a case of making sure you know about the risk you're taking by concentrating on that single night. I'd think it would be great for everyone if Laylat Al-Qadr was in fact on the 27th, but then on the other hand it makes little difference to me if it wasn't - and surely that's the kind of confidence we should all be aiming for?