Friday, September 19

There's Only One Sara(h)

Across my phone, Messenger, email address book and Facebook, I now know approximately ten Sara(h)s. This isn't a brag but more of a recognition - these Sara(h)s include family and friends, as well as those I've met in passing. They seem to be everywhere.

They all seem to be of similar ages too. Something must have happened during the late 70s or early 80s to prompt new parents to name their daughters Sara(h). I can only speculate why it came into fashion; perhaps its auto-Anglicisation had something to do with it? Judging by the names of their siblings, somehow I doubt that.

Of course apart from the name they are all fantastically unique people and try as I might I have not ever noticed anything common between them (apart from their name, of course). The way they spell their names is evenly split, as is the pronunciation ("sey-raa" versus "sar-rar").

I prefer some Sara(h)s to others and of course I also have my favourites. I can't say who these are though (if only because they have the same name and there's no way of indicating which I'd be referring to).

It's also very confusing at times. Sometimes I don't know which one I'm talking to and it takes a while for my poor brain to click. I must have offended more than a few by asking for their surnames, just to make sure, while talking to them on the phone.

Finally it goes without saying that I'm very lucky to know so many Sara(h)s. I'm just glad I only have to write this, my ode to Sara(h), just the one time.

Originally drafted 21st February 2007

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  1. First it was Hufsa, and my father's co-workers couldn't manage to pronounce it. He test drove the name Sabah, and that didn't work out either. Then they stumbled upon Sara. Easy enough. Your theory works in this case.