Wednesday, September 3

Link of the Day Click for more info does Ramadan.

I hate e-cards. In fact, for me they come second only to anonymous text messages in their lack of feeling, and like the short message service manages to suck out any sentiment you may have had as you hit the "send to all my friends who happen to Muslim, I don't actually care which". I'd rather you ignore me than make me one of your generic contacts.

That said currently have a range of Ramadan themed e-cards which are so hilarious and satirical I just had to give them kudos here. And as an added bonus, since they're so edgy and of an acquired taste people will only send them to specific contacts (i.e. put some actual real life thought into it). Brilliant! I've whacked my favourite below, but make sure you actually visit the site to see the rest.

Oh, and thanks to Fuad for the link.