Wednesday, September 17


Shak says (15:37):
    how you doing keeping your libido in check
    sweet nothings over telehone/email?
xxxx says (15:37):
    being busy
    but its not libido
Shak says (15:37):
    always helps!
xxxx says (15:37):
    i think its adulation
    it shifts around with the day
Shak says (15:38):
    give me a sec while i look tha tup
xxxx says (15:38):
    i think im turning into a girl
Shak says (15:38):
    thats what girls do
    maybe love is a vector
    for some kind of feminist virus
xxxx says (15:38):
xxxx says (15:39):
    you used the 'l' word
    i expected better from you
Shak says (15:39):
xxxx says (15:39):
Shak says (15:39):
    i meant... "creepy obesssion for someone who is ok but youd be alright without"
xxxx says (15:41):
    cut the last few words
Shak says (15:42):
    how... romantic
xxxx says (15:44):
    shut up!
    decolonise it
Shak says (15:46):
    ah man
    i was gonna blog this
    but now youve used "decolonise" there's no way i can keep it anonymous
xxxx says (15:47):
    let them figure it out
    i'll appreciate the fame
Shak says (15:47):
    lol don't say i didnt warn you....

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