Monday, September 1

Are You Hungry Yet?

I open with a text sent to me last year, a commentary on the various strategies we use to make the whole fasting process that much more accessible:

Ah the futility of drinking too much water
-F.A., 6am, Saturday 15th September 2007.

Here's wishing you all a fun and fulfilling Ramadan, regardless of annoying spam text messages and Tarawih prayer which finishes past 11pm.

Amazingly it seems that everyone is on the same page regarding the start of the holy month - the planets may have actually aligned this year (perhaps the crescent was blue last night?). Judging by the confusion leading up to today it's probably more a case of randomness coming full circle though.

For those of you still on the daily grind: you have my thoughts with you. Having said that, it was still a struggle for me to wake up at 8:45am this morning. Snigger.