Friday, September 12

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Are You Still Single? Join The Marriage Revolution!

Apart from the fantastic URL (one which I can't believe hadn't been taken already) it's worth visiting the above site for yet another indication of the sorry state some single Muslims are in. Not that I'm berating what the organisers are doing; judging by some of the feedback they seem to be helping more than hindering:

Jazak Allahu Khayran for organizing The Marriage Revolution. I can already feel a revolution within me. And I believe that is the first step: to learn and revolutionize my thinking and behavior and then go to others.
Quite. No, what's ultimately disturbing for me is how these questions have to be asked in the first place, and then further require a webcast of all things to have them actually answered. Are people seriously asking the following gems?
  • Why in the world are guys scared of *overeducated* women?
  • For a sister who had reached an older age (27+) trying to wait for the 'right' person, is it ok for her to continue waiting or should she just lower her standards and settle?
  • From a brother's perspective, what is the best way for an interested sister to express her interest in a brother without coming off as too strong or shameless?
  • Will getting married mean I have to kiss my personal life goodbye?
  • How do I find a brother who will want to marry me if I can not provide him with a family?
  • I have a fear of emotional intimacy and find it difficult to trust people, what can I do to change this? Should I refrain from getting married?
  • Why are so many educated, professional, and pious Muslim women (in their late 20s, early 30s) unable to find husbands?
I reckon this says more about those who attend such things than those they are actually asking about. But hey, what do I know? As the embedded video says, I obviously don't understand how serious and complex the issues are - but I have found out that, apparently, as a man my focus on career (hah, they're obviously not talking about me here) conflicts with me wanting someone "overqualified" (sure, because such a thing exists). Which is a shame considering how hot I reckon doctors are.

If you are attending the webcast, well good luck and I sincerely hope you gain value from it (just don't pay anyone any money, m'kay?). Heck, maybe I'll attend just so I can throw tomatoes at the audience.


  1. looks like one of those websites selling an ebook about how to lose weight with the power of your mind or 99 uses for oregano.

  2. I think being a female doctor holds a problem in North America, because by the time you finish med-school, your internship and residency you are already 30+. So what rishta auntie would accept a 30+'s rishta?

  3. He understands "Islamic culture"?

    I figure it's a spoof website.

    Either that or Amrikan anti-Islmaic propaganda.

  4. Anonymous11:18

    Shakil, you married yet?