Friday, September 12

Something I Thought I'd Never Do

Last night I did something I never thought I'd do.

I actually used to pour scorn on those, some really close friends, who did this once, maybe twice a day.

I figured that doing this wasn't natural, not meant to be.

But last night the opportunity presented itself and where I would usually dismiss the idea as crazy, this time I thought to myself: why not live a little? Take a risk for once and not think about the consequences or what other people think? Make this the start of a new attitude, I told myself.

And to be honest it did feel a bit weird at first, even causing me to feel a little bit sick. But then after a while I began to understand why so many others did it too.

And all the time I never felt like I was doing anything wrong. On the contrary: I never before had felt so clean. If I'm honest, a part of me still thinks it a strange and unnerving thing to do, perhaps even unnecessary. But I will carry on nonetheless.

Last night I did something I never thought I'd do.

Last night I brushed my tongue.


  1. :-D Yaaayyy power to the pe--o-pleeeeee!
    I dont understand how anyone doesnt brush their teef before going to sleep.

  2. LOL - I like this post!
    I'm bit surprised you didn't already do this though .. brushing the tongue is a sickly task but a compulsory one especially when the tongue gets some action :p

  3. Zahera,

    In over twenty five years (since I began brushing my own teeth in fact), I have never missed a brush either before or after sleep. And that's whether I'm on a plane, on Hajj, or in the middle of a desert. I suspect this is more sad than impressive.


    >a compulsory one especially when the tongue gets some action

    And that applies here how?

  4. Brushing alone is not enough, you need one of these these.

  5. Osama,

    It was actually the gimmicky-yet-oh-so-fancy dedicated tongue brusher on the back of my new toothbrush that turned me to the dark side.

  6. I was consumed by the suspense as I read this. I'm surprised tongue brushing wasn't already part of your oral hygiene regime. How long until you start carrying a tooth brush around like me?