Friday, September 5

A Flash Mob Iftari Click for more info

I'm not quite sure exactly how flash a well organised and long lasting mob can actually be.

I await the inevitable, forming of a mini-caliphate as some struggle to own something that's meant not to be owned.

I also detest how we sometimes like to prefix current fads with "Islamic-" or "Muslim-" and think we're being creative in doing so.

And as it all becomes fashionable and popular and the current social in-thing-to-do it will diminish the whole point and edginess of the thing. Heck, they may as well get City Circle to sponsor it already; maybe they should go as far as to ban lawyers from attending (okay, that's not fair. Perhaps it should be anyone in a suit. Or with a job even).

Finally, they had better make facilities available for Maghrib prayer on the day.

But now, with all my misgivings out of the way, I have to admit that I'm curious to see how it all pans out. And hey, if I get points for doing a good deed too who am I to be cynical?

So remember: 7pm Lincoln's Inn Fields, Tuesday 9th September. You can follow the link for more details including the rationale and intention behind the whole thing (which in itself kinda defeats the point too. But hey, I'll stop now).

I'll be there, and I promise to leave all my complaints at home.