Tuesday, September 2

Fall Season 2008

It's that time of the year again folks! The time when I don't go out much, don't get any work done and generally not move much from the sofa - telly season has once again kicked off.

Due to various writers wanting to get paid a bit more, 2007/8 wasn't a very good season - in fact it feels like normal telly as a whole has been missing for a while. We had stunted series of all the major shows, with some like 24 not being shown at all. Mercifully this was a good thing as I finally had time to do other things; and in that sense I'm kinda dreading this year's potentially fuller season.

That said, there's not much change this time around. The regulars are present in full force, with Heroes, One Tree Hill, House, Little Mosque and Lost all coming back for more. 24 also rejoins the schedule hopefully making up for its marked absence. Prison Break continues to redefine itself (not least because there doesn't seem to be any more prisons left to break out of). I will choose to pass on the Cherry Hill spin off. I can't seem to find any info on Family Guy, but I expect there to be more fun there too.

This year also marks the end of Smallville (hooray!), the one show that, despite its inability to just die has kept me watching for so long. We should also see the fifteenth and final season of ER; but I'm sure that will be an event all in itself.

New eagerly anticipated additions include the new Joss Whedon (of the magnificent Buffy, Angel and Firefly fame) project Dollhouse and, of course, we all get to go back to Beverly Hills with 90210. And although there is yet to be any news of a second season I really hope that there'll be more Aliens in America to watch.

Ooooh I honestly can't wait. Square eyes, here I come.