Wednesday, October 1

Film: Pineapple Express Click for more info

After last year's travesty, we decided to pick a bit more carefully the film to begin our post-Ramadan season with.

Slim pickings meant we had to choose between yet another Ben Stiller (uh, don't think so) and Seth Rogen - I'm a big fan of the latter and so was happy when Pineapple Express made the vote.

And it was good! Okay, so it's no Superbad, Knocked Up, or Sarah Marshall, and burned pretty slowly for a while, but once it all kicked in we were treated with the same kind of seemingly made up on the spot comedy we've become used to with these guys.

Great fun, but still of an acquired taste. In short, those with little or no sense of humour need not apply. The rest of you, however, will love it!