Saturday, October 4

Film: Kidnap Click for more info

Run of the mill yarn spun around the kidnapping of (a seriously disproportioned) Sonia (Lamba), the 17 year old daughter of (an increasingly old looking) Dutt. Imran Khan wraps up the thin cast as the dastardly villain.

The whole film is just a series of cat and mouse set pieces, with a bunch of forgettable songs (including classics such as "I am Sonia" and "The weather is awesome") to distract the audience from time to time. The acting in this was pretty poor, and the production values nothing to scream home about. It was almost enough to get me to stick to comedies and romance in future.

That said, the plot was relatively engaging if a bit stretched out and there were some genuine twists on the way to the end. Overall, however, this wasn't enough to save what was ultimately a bad flick and as such it comes with little recommendation from me.