Friday, October 17

Food: Jungle Braai Click for more info

After the spat of centrally based mid-class restaurants I've been visiting recently it was nice to spend a Friday night meal in a more local place. Apparently run by South African Gujaratis, Jungle Braai is at its essence just another halal steak house. That said it was better than average, serving up some good meat (as long as you stick to the t-bone) and sides.

Since Wood Street is hardly the most aesthetic of locations we were lucky to get a table in the well lit and spacious back - the place itself was clean enough and service, although slow, was provided with a smile. We were even given an extra two t-bones for a reason we couldn't quite figure out (not that we cared).

Like many other halal steak houses the price was a bit steep - we paid a bit over ten quid a head for food and drink. It's not something to make a habit of visiting then, but for something local and understated it certainly manages to hit the right spot.